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Get all the products and services you need to manage your company's payables and cash outflow.

Electronic Payment Services (EPS)

Improve your cash flow and funds management electronically. EPS lets you disburse funds on predetermined dates and eliminates paperwork.

Controlled Disbursements

Plan ahead. We provide daily notification via TD Bank's commercial online banking platform of the cumulative dollar amount of all checks being presented against your disbursement account, so you can manage your funds accordingly.

Zero Balance Account

Maximize your investment opportunities by pooling funds. Consolidate the net balances from multiple checking accounts into a single operating account.

Check Reconcilement

Our account reconcilement service provides significant time savings. We can provide a variety of reports and media processing options to meet your needs. Two types of reconcilement services are available:
  • TD Account Reconcilement – Partial provides a listing of paid checks in numerical order.
  • TD Account Reconcilement – Full requires you to provide issue data on checks written. We match the checks paid. You can send data via electronic transmission.

Fraud Control Services

Guard against fraud and loss with our comprehensive suite of fraud control services.

  • Positive Pay matches checks presented for payment against the checks you've issued on your account. If a check serial number or amount does not match the data you've supplied, we'll report this information to you via TD eTreasury®, our corporate online banking solution. You'll decide whether to pay or return the item.
  • ACH Positive Pay matches ACH transactions received against authorization filters that you've established for your account on TD eTreasury. ACH items that don't meet your authorization requirements are presented to you for a decision to pay or return. You'll even have the ability to update your authorization filters conveniently online, as often as you'd like.
  • ACH Block and Filter matches ACH transactions received against authorization filters that you've supplied. You may choose to restrict ACH activity altogether on your account with ACH Block service, or define criteria to allow certain transactions to post using ACH Filter service. Items are automatically paid or returned based on your instructions.

Contact Treasury Management Services

Contact our Treasury Management Services Team or call one of our representatives:
  • Customer Care for Existing Customer inquiries: 1-866-475-7262
  • Sales Team for New Customers: 1-888-388-0408