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Liquidity & Investment Solutions

We offer a full suite of liquidity and investment options to serve the diverse needs of our commercial and corporate customers.

Operational Cash Solutions

Investment Solutions

Investment vehicles are available as either automated sweeps or as self-directed options.

Automated Sweeps
Excess funds are automatically invested and available immediately. Product options include:

  • TD Repo Sweep (Repurchase Agreements): Funds are completely liquid, fully collateralized and earn a competitive rate of interest. Invested funds and overnight returns are available next day to fund transactions.
  • TD Euro Sweep: Balances in this product are invested in our Cayman Island branch and are fully liquid and available to fund transactions.
  • TD Money Market Sweep: We offer a choice of tax-free, treasury, government-backed and institutional money market funds to meet your diverse needs. The product allows unlimited transactions and sweeps daily into and out of the DDA account. Funds are fully liquid and are available to fund transactions.
  • TD Line of Credit Sweep: This product enables you to maximize your funds by automatically advancing on your line of credit to fund transactions and/or pay down your line of credit when you have excess funds in your checking account. (Subject to credit approval.)
Self-directed Investments
We offer a full array of interest bearing liquid and term-based products to meet your investment needs.
  • Money Market and Savings accounts: We offer both a tiered interest rate structure and the ability to tie to an indexed rate.
  • CD/Term Deposits: We offer competitive term rates based on the volume and duration of the investment.

Contact Treasury Management Services

Contact our Treasury Management Services Team or call one of our representatives:
  • Customer Care for Existing Customer inquiries: 1-866-475-7262
  • Sales Team for New Customers: 1-888-388-0408