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Internet Solutions

Online Solutions from Treasury Management Services

Our commercial online banking products offer an internet solution to your treasury management needs. Using this secure, convenient online access to your company's accounts you can:
  • Real-time balance and transaction reporting with 365 days of online history
  • 7-year archive of paid check, deposit items and return item images available
  • Execute internal and cross-bank transfers, including 1-to-many and many-to-1
  • Detailed wire and Automated Clearing House (ACH) reporting
  • Real-time single and range stop payment requests
  • Positive Pay reporting with online decision making
  • Domestic and international wire transfers with real-time foreign exchange rates
  • Transmit and view ACH batches
  • Receive EDI notices, ACH returns, controlled disbursement and BAI reporting
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TD EscrowDirect

Eases the burden associated with managing your escrow accounts. It can subdivide your account any way you specify, assign interest per your directions and provide reports in the format(s) you select.
  • Online access 24/7
  • Customized grouping by title with subtotals
  • Sort by account number, customer name or memo line reference
  • One master account with as many sub-accounts as you need
  • Automated mailing of 1099s for year-end tax purposes

Merchant Services

Accept credit card payments online, view credit card transaction processing information and more with our online Merchant Services solutions.

TD Healthcare Remittance Management

We offer a robust product that provides hospitals, physicians groups and healthcare systems the tools to manage the complex issues they face in the revenue cycle process.
  • Simplifies the administrative and financial events between healthcare providers, insurance payers and banks by unifying these events through a full-circle transaction exchange cycle
  • This product is conveniently available as a full-service application service provider (ASP) model via a secure Internet connection, or as an optional standalone product provided as a direct transmission of an ANSI X12-835 file to the healthcare provider

Contact Treasury Management Services

Contact our Treasury Management Services Team or call one of our representatives:
  • Customer Care for Existing Customer inquiries: 1-866-475-7262
  • Sales Team for New Customers: 1-888-388-0408