Annuities Lander

It's never too late - or early -
to save for retirement

Investing in an annuity is a smart way to prepare for retirement. Annuities can provide a steady income during retirement with a choice of payout options - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually - for as long as you live.

Consider a tax-deferred or immediate income fixed annuity as part of your retirement strategy

As you look for ways to reinforce your existing retirement nest egg, you may want to consider a tax-deferrable or immediate income fixed annuity. With a tax-deferrable annuity, you can take advantage of:

  • Tax-deferred compounding
  • Single and flexible premium payment option
  • Guaranteed return of premiums*
  • Variety of interest rate guaranteed periods*
  • Terminal illness, nursing home and unemployment surrender charges waiver

Product type Your investment The benefit to you
Tax-deferred fixed annuity Pay into it over time - upon retirement or while you're still working The security of additional savings for retirement - tax deferred - with guaranteed return of principal and interest*
Single premium income annuity Pay into it in one lump sum - from a retirement plan, IRA, inheritance or business sale Provides you with a steady stream of income immediately - and for life

Let us help you plan your financial strategy - for today and the future

To discuss your financial plans and to determine whether or not you are best positioned for future financial growth, visit a TD Bank location near you. We can arrange for you to meet with a Financial Services Representative who can help you determine your financial needs - and help you create a plan for the future.

* All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Insurance products are available through TD Wealth Management Services, Inc., a licensed insurance agency.