Trust and Estate Planning

Trust and Estate Planning lander

You are the architect of your legacy.
We can help create the blueprint.

Administering a trust and settling an estate can be very complicated. That's why you need to prepare and plan accordingly. Our experts can help you through this process and create a plan with the utmost in discretion and efficiency.

Taking care of future generations, now

Each trust and estate we handle is as unique as the families we serve. There may be multiple heirs, blended families and individuals with special needs or continuing care. There may be business interests, real estate and non-marketable securities. Regardless of the degree of complexity, we can also consult with your team of trusted professionals to help guide you in the preservation and transfer of wealth across generations.

TD Wealth Trust and Estate Planning Professionals help you plan for the future with:

  • Effective planning to help minimize estate taxes
  • Foundations and philanthropic giving
  • Professional management of Trusts
  • Assistance for clients serving as Trustees and Executors
  • Timely, impartial estate settlement, asset management and administration

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Our commitment to you

Before we develop and implement a strategy for you, we listen and learn, then recommend and discuss ideas with you. Because life isn't static, we conduct regular investment and life reviews to evaluate your investing and wealth management strategies.