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Leasing and Equipment Finance – Equipment Types

Since 1987, municipalities, school districts, professionals, manufacturing companies and many others have turned to TD Equipment Finance for a wide range of equipment types, including:

  • Municipalities: Classroom furniture, classroom labs, computers, energy management, fax machines, fire/rescue equipment, fixtures, furniture, grounds keeping equipment, handicapped lifts, heavy equipment, kitchen equipment, light duty trucks, mobile radios, phone systems, photocopiers, plow trucks, police cruisers, portable offices, sanding units, school buses, scrapers, security equipment, sidewalk plows, snow blowers, software, street sweepers, teaching aids, video equipment, waste disposal
  • Banking: ATMs, check scanners, proofing readers/sorters, encoding and currency counters
  • Aircraft: Corporate aircraft and helicopters

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  • Computer Equipment: Micro and minicomputers, file servers, workstations, PCs, networks and peripherals
  • Over-the-road Transportation: Trucks, tractors, chassis and containers
  • Construction: Earth moving equipment and cranes
  • Dental: Operatory, hydrocolid and x-ray equipment
  • Laboratory: Electron microscopes and sterilization equipment
  • Medical: CT Scanners, x-ray equipment, blood analyzers and lab equipment
  • Marine: Coastal and inland waterway barges and tugs
  • Office: Furniture, file cabinets, telephone systems, postage machines and photocopiers
  • Printing and Reproduction: Offset presses and typesetting/desktop publishing
  • Quality Control: Laser measurements equipment and color meters
  • Rail: Locomotives and railcars
  • Retail: Price scanners, scales, point of sale equipment, fixtures and display cabinets
  • Telecommunication: Switches, transformers, multiplexes, and phone systems
  • Manufacturing: Material handling, production equipment, lathes, grinders and textile machines
  • Maintenance: Off-road vehicles, hoists and lifts

Our equipment financing guidelines are simple – we seek equipment that's not attached to real property, readily re-marketable and identifiable, and recoverable without difficulty.

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