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Tips for International Travel and Extended Stays

Here are a few tips to make it easier to manage your money when traveling or living outside the U.S.

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Tips for Travelers

Save money with a little planning.

Foreign ATMs

  • Know what to expect for fees.1
    Usage, currency exchange, cash advance and non-TD ATM usage fees.
  • Transfer funds to your primary checking account.
    Most foreign ATMs only allow you to withdraw cash from this account.
  • Change your PIN before you leave, if necessary.
    Some foreign ATMs only accept 4-digit PINs.

Plan your spending: cash, credit, debit

  • Cash: Get local currency before you leave for small purchases, like taxis and snacks
  • Credit: For large purchases, like hotel and rentals
  • Debit: For unexpected cash needs

Let us know you're traveling.

  • Call us at 1-888-751-9000 at least one week prior to travel to avoid a hold being placed on your account. For your protection, a block may still be placed if unusual activities or transactions occur. If this happens, please contact us immediately.
  • Add our international number to your phone - +856-751-9000.
  • To call collect from an international phone, call 215-569-0518 (will not work from U.S.-based mobile phones).
  • Download the TD Bank mobile app.

Be safe and take precautions.

  • Photocopy your credit and debit cards.
  • Carry cash just for incidentals and small purchases.
  • Get travel and medical insurance.

Tips for Business Travelers

The world is your office.

Apply for the tools you need to manage travel expenses.

Sign up for the tools you need to trade anywhere in the world.

Tips for Canadian Snowbirds

Living in North America

Cross-Border Banking

  • Get no-cost wire transfers2 between your Canadian and U.S. TD accounts by calling 1-877-700-2913
  • TD Canada Trust customers may add Borderless Plan to their U.S. Dollar account†

TD Visa® Debit Card is free to use at any TD ATM in North America

  • Access your checking, savings, money market or home equity accounts
  • Get a competitive exchange rate at the TD ATM
  • Find a TD ATM near you

Banking at a TD location

24/7 access - TD Bank

24/7 access - TD Canada Trust

Length of stay determines U.S. tax obligations

  • Keep copy of ATM and sales receipts
    Check against your account statement
  • Sign up for Online Banking
    Look for exchange fees, overcharges and unauthorized transactions
  • Check credit and debit card expiration date
    If expiring soon, get new cards before leaving
  • Know who you can call
    Contact your tax professional for more information

Tips for Students studying overseas

Prepare for the extraordinary and the unexpected

Find out how to access your cash anywhere in the world

Studying in North America

Be safe and use common sense

  • Photocopy your credit and debit cards, plus your passport
    Leave copies with your parents
  • Never carry more cash than you need for incidentals
  • Learn local customs and travel with friends
  • Learn the local language

Tips for moving to Canada

Must ♥ hockey

Open a TD Canada Trust account

Learn about Cross-Border Banking

Access the tools that make banking easier

Build a community

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Meet your children's teachers and the other parents
  • Join a church, temple or synagogue
  • Visit your local library
  • Pick a hockey team

Need more information?

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Foreign Banking Tools

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Visit your local TD Bank for all your foreign exchange needs. Call us 24/7 at 1-888-751-9000.
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1See the fee schedule for complete details. Bank fee does not include the current exchange rate.

2 The daily limit for wire transfers is $100,000. Incoming wire fees may apply and will be rebated the next business day. Foreign exchange conversion rates apply.

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